Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Radovish Somun

The Radovish somun is winter meal which is eaten for lunch. The name comes from Radovish-town in Macedonia, and somun, in old Macedonian-bread. Also I want to add that a version of this meal, only with filling of eggs and cheese is called Pastrmajlija. Somun is pizza liked meal, only in elyptical shape and the filling is meat (usually pork). It's very delicious, but it has many callories:-). Eather way you can make it lighter or smaller.
For 4 somuns:
For the dough:
1 kg of flour
4 eggs
1 package yeast
800 gr pork meat (chopped in little cubes and seasoned with salt and pepper)
200 g (or less) lard (pork fat)
If you make pastrmajlija the filling would be 2-3 eggs for each somun and cheese.
You can substitute the lard with sunflower oil, or butter.
Also the filling can be: meat from chicken breasts, fish with eggs, Sazdrma (it's lamb meat cooked in it's own fat, with added spices) e.t.c, and you can add some vegetables too.
First disolve the yeast in some warm water. Then mix the ingredients and make dough. Divide the dough in 4 equal pieces. Spread the dough in elyptical shape and add the filling. Put lard on top of the meat (or oil or butter). Bake the somuns on 250 C until done. If you like you can crack an egg on top and bake it until the egg is cooked. When the somuns are done, add some fat on the crust of the dough. If you're not going to eat the somuns imidiatly, wrap the somuns in baking paper and add them in plastic bags, so the dough won't dry.

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