Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Pudding Cake

If you want some easy and fast, but delicious dessert, than this pudding cake is great for you.
I know that in the picture it looks kind of ugly, but I didn't had patience and I've cut it when it was still warm:-)
When it's firm it looks pretty.
1 liter milk
2 packages pudding powder (any taste, you can actually make 2 different puddings so that your cake will be colorful)
14 tablespoons of sugar (if you want you can use less)
2 small packages of ordinary biscuits (if you want you can use some other biscuits
If you like you can use some fruits (if you use pudding with fruit taste), or you can add coconut shreds, or chocolate...anything you like. This cake is versatile.
In a deep pan or cake shape, place one layer of the biscuits. Crush some biscuits to fill the gaps.
Cook the pudding according to the package instructions. After it's done you can add into it fruit or whatever you like.
Pour 1/3 of the pudding. Than place another layer of biscuits, and again pudding. It should be 3 layers biscuits, 3 layers pudding, starting with the biscuits and finishing with the pudding.
There's no need to soak the biscuits into liquid, they'll soak the excess liquid from the pudding.
Let it cool then place it into the fridge and let it cool until the cake is hardened. You can garnish it with beaten double cream, fruit or whatever you like.


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